Discovery of the World: Age of Discovery

     This term, students in P345 English, Finnish and French sections learnt about the Discovery of the World by Europeans between 1450 and 1600. This was a highly factual topic of study and required lots of initial direct teaching. However, following this, the children were able to take ownership of their own learning and create maps and their own presentations about explorers.  Subject e.g. DOW   … Continue reading Discovery of the World: Age of Discovery

Planning for PBL

The Nordplus Junior team from all three schools were lucky enough to travel to  the European School of Tallinn for a week.

20181105_084853.jpg        esh tallinn

As well as observing, teaching and reflecting with our colleagues, we decided on the key focus points for introducing Problem Based Learning into our classrooms. We agreed upon the following template to guide teachers through their planning process. Continue reading “Planning for PBL”

Welcome to our blog

Who are we? We are a team of primary teachers from the European School of Helsinki, European School of Copenhagen, and the Tallinn European School. We are a part of a collaborative project focusing on raising the quality of teaching and learning by incorporating problem-based learning in our classrooms. What is the aim of this blog? This blog will be used to share our experiences over … Continue reading Welcome to our blog