I can’t see

This semester we learned about the eye.

Subject e.g. DOW     DOW –  Biological area
Curriculum Objectives    -Describe the function of the eye and know the names of the main parts;
-Describe the connection between light and sight;
-Develop an awareness of the health aspects concerning sight (sight problems like reduced sight, color blindness);
-Discover how people deprived of sight participate in society.
Problem Based Learning Skills (PBL)     -Give an opinion and justification for that opinion (with help) and give and receive feedback  -Use brainstorming and mind mapping  -Listen to others to learn consensus 
Key Vocabulary    Sclera, cornea, iris, pupil, lens, retina, optic disk, optic nerve, ciliary body, retinal, optical illusions, dominant eyes and blind spots.
Central Idea (Teacher)    To discover and understand how the eye is functioning. Looking at light, color and how/why sight is important.  
Key Question (Pupil)    I can’t see!
The Hook    Studying magnifying glasses, glasses and lenses. Students must find the link between them and our body.
The end point.    A scrap book with all our knowledge, models and film clips. Show it at assembly.
Academic  Formative methods   
Summative methods   
Learning to Learn  Reflection on L2L     
– Pupils reflect on our objectives. – Researching about the eye function.   We kept on coming back to what wanted to know about the eye and if we found answers.  
Teacher End Reflection:  Positives:   
Things to change for next time: 
 The reflection was key because the students realized that their reflection led to knew knowledge and they know mere than they first anticipated.   We didn’t hear from a blind person. It was not possible for us. But I would have been good to ack questions.  

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