In 4Dk we have been working with landscapes.

Subject e.g. DOW



Curriculum Objectives


To understand and research how a landscape is created and how the climate effects the surroundings, vegetation and wildlife.

Problem Based Learning Skills (PBL)



-Give an opinion and justification for that opinion (with help) and give and receive feedback

-Use brainstorming and mind mapping

-Listen to others to learn consensus



Key Vocabulary



Climate zones (polar, temperate, subtropical, tropical), tectonic plates, ice age, volcanos, vegetation, wildlife, threats.

Central Idea (Teacher)


To understand the link between climate zones and the different landscapes we see.

Key Question (Pupil)


What creates a landscape?

The Hook


Visit to “The blue planet” seeing landscape under water.

The End point


Creating our own landscapes with modeling wax and presenting our work at an assembly



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