Natural Disasters

P5 L2 English were coming to the end of our topic on natural disasters. I wanted to use some problem based learning to allow the pupils to use the grammar and vocabulary we had studied in context.

I planned for this project to take 2 lessons and the pupils would work in groups of 3 or 4.


This was the information and success criteria presented to the pupils.


Although we do group work in class and the pupils have worked individually on longer projects, this was the first time we had done problem based learning.

I was interested to see       -how they would approach and discuss the problem as a team

-how they would choose to present their work.

-how they would cope with minimal input from me!

Group 1 started by drawing our current classroom and labelling any areas they would have to change if we lived in an earthquake zone.  20181121_141740.jpg

Group 2 chose to use laptops to research school earthquake plans and wrote a list of their best ideas.


Group 3 decided to write their own ideas before sharing with the group. One child in the group was struggling. As a class, we talked about how it is often better to discuss altogether in order to get the best ideas from everybody. Does anyone have any tips for children who are reluctant to share ideas in a group or who want to ‘keep the best ideas for themselves’?20181121_085642

Finally, the groups presented their earthquake safety plans for the rest of the class. The children were very enthusiastic about the project and are looking forward to doing more work in groups in the future.


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