Planning for PBL

The Nordplus Junior team from all three schools were lucky enough to travel to  the European School of Tallinn for a week.

20181105_084853.jpg        esh tallinn

As well as observing, teaching and reflecting with our colleagues, we decided on the key focus points for introducing Problem Based Learning into our classrooms. We agreed upon the following template to guide teachers through their planning process.

Starting Questions teachers should ask before the planning process 

  •  Which subject would be most relevant? 
  • Length of time for the problem 
  • What do I want the children to have learnt by the end? 
  • How will they show their learning? 
  • How will I assess their learning – formative and summative? 
  • What are the curriculum goals plus the L2L goals? 
  • What is the ‘hook’ to begin with? 
  • Are you allowing room for spontaneity during the process? 
  • How much voice and choice for the students? 
  • How is this relevant to them (authenticity)?
Subject e.g. DOW 



Curriculum Objectives



Problem Based Learning Skills (PBL) 




Key Vocabulary




Central Idea (Teacher)



Key Question (Pupil)



The Hook



The End point




Formative methods


Summative methods


Learning to Learn

Reflection on L2L



Teacher End Reflection:



Things to change for next time:

Let’s see how this works in practice. We’re looking forward to seeing our colleagues post their experiences!


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