Discovery of the World: Age of Discovery

     This term, students in P345 English, Finnish and French sections learnt about the Discovery of the World by Europeans between 1450 and 1600. This was a highly factual topic of study and required lots of initial direct teaching. However, following this, the children were able to take ownership of their own learning and create maps and their own presentations about explorers.  Subject e.g. DOW   … Continue reading Discovery of the World: Age of Discovery

I can’t see

This semester we learned about the eye. Subject e.g. DOW     DOW –  Biological area Curriculum Objectives    -Describe the function of the eye and know the names of the main parts; -Describe the connection between light and sight; -Develop an awareness of the health aspects concerning sight (sight problems like reduced sight, color blindness);-Discover how people deprived of sight participate in society. Problem Based Learning Skills (PBL)     … Continue reading I can’t see